Ultrasound simulation

MedSim's Ultrasound Simulator for training- the UltraSim® provides students/residents realistic hands-on ultrasound scanning experience without the need for live patients. With over 425 customers worldwide the UltraSim is the preferred learning/simulating solution by Doctors, trainees and ultrasound experts, to learn, practice and becoming a professional in Ultrasound, with the best ultrasound simulator.

Ultrasound Training and Simulation

Company Profile

Founded by experts in the field of aviation simulation technology, medicine and education with a focus on Innovation in Education at the Ultrasound field. Read more >>

The UltraSim simulator allows students/residents to practice performing sonographic examinations on a mannequin while viewing real-time sonographic images. Read more >>
Education Modules

Abodmen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Transvaginal Gynecology, Transvaginal Obstetrics, Breast, Vascular, Neck and Emergency Medicine and more. Read more >>
Ultrasound simulation Ultrasound simulation Ultrasound simulation
Ultrasound simulation
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