Benefits of the UltraSim

MedSim’s ultrasound training solution – the UltraSim® represents a major breakthrough for sonography education. The simulator gives students/residents realistic hands-on ultrasound scanning experience without the need for live patients online. The UltraSim® simulates the functions of conventional ultrasound machines. The UltraSim contains over 1500 different scenarios, like no other solution out there!

The UltraSim® provides the trainees with:
  • Standard ultrasound equipment settings, controls, and functions
  • Patient history
  • The ability to identify and examine different anatomical areas
  • A variety of normal and abnormal cases
  • Expert findings
The UltraSim® provides the instructors the ability to:
  • Directly measure and monitor student skills and progress
  • Provide focused critique during practice sessions
  • Identify student weaknesses during controlled laboratory sessions
  • Perform skill assessment
  • Avoid embarrassing or upsetting bedside errors

The UltraSim is the world’s first and only Real Ultrasound Simulator based on Real patient cases, without and with pathologies

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