MedSim was founded by experts in the field of aviation simulation technology, medicine and education with a focus on “Innovation in Education”. MedSim’s emphasis is to enable healthcare professionals to expand their medical knowledge, improve their diagnostic skills, and advance their level of clinical performance.

MedSim has established itself as the leader in providing ultrasound simulators for medical training and assessment. MedSim aids in providing the medical industry with the simulation products and services for the outsourcing needs of development, preservation and evaluation of medical skills and competency. Medical skills and competency are fundamental concerns for the providers, payers, insurers, certification bodies, and most importantly, consumers of healthcare services. Acquiring medical skills and demonstrating competencies are becoming more critical in today’s managed care, cost-driven, and litigious medical environment. MedSim is a leader in the development and marketing of awesome ultrasound simulators.

MedSim has more than 1,250 installations worldwide of its Simulators – The UltraSim and the New CompactSim.

MedSim - Medical Ultrasound Training Simulation Models